How future proof is your business?

A campaign to help businesses break down the barriers in their recruitment processes and create quality and accessible jobs for all young people. 

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Updates from Future Proof

GM Talent Match 'Still Hidden' Conference

September 6 2018

Still Hidden - Greater Manchester Talent Match Conference: 20% discount for Business in the Community members


Grow Your Talent: Discovering and Developing Talent with the Strength Based Approach

January 9 2018

Imagine a conversation where you help someone to overcome their self-limiting beliefs and identify their key strengths and true potential. Just picture yourself guiding, inspiring and encouraging: you could be the...

How Slenky is ‘Future Proofing’ engagement of new audiences - with passion

November 15 2017

Handheld technology has forced businesses of every description to take their first steps into the world and lifestyle...

Which #MetricsMatter in youth recruitment? Join our webinar on 22 Nov to find out

November 1 2017

According to BITC’s snapshot survey, only 15% of employers regularly use data to measure the effectiveness of their youth recruitment. Without having access to the right data, it’s very difficult to spot barriers to young people in...

Employer workshop: Attracting Bristol’s diverse young talent into your business - 28 November

October 24 2017

We know that 31% of the West of England LEP area have at least one hard to fill vacancy. Many businesses also struggle to recruit young people, with only 33% of employers in the area having...

Breaking down the barriers in Greater Manchester

October 10 2017


Many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face multiple barriers to employment. From having a disability to fulfilling caring responsibilities, the compound effect of these barriers mean that for these young people finding a job is even more difficult. ...