The Future Proof Campaign

To understand the future, you need to recruit it. If businesses want to connect with a diverse future customer base they need to make sure their recruitment is open and attractive to young people, no matter what their background or experience. Current recruitment doesn't match the future workforce. Work is changing and with more young people entering the job market, hiring processes need to catch up.

With 1 in 3 young people finding applying for jobs difficult, and 1 in 5 saying a bad process had put them off the company they applied to; poor recruitment isn't just damaging young people but also the reputation of employers. We want to help businesses shine a light on the skills they need and open their eyes to the potential of all young people. That’s why we’ve launched Future Proof, our new campaign, backed by the City & Guilds Group, to break down barriers in recruitment and create quality accessible jobs for all young people.

We want employers to:

  • Re-assess the criteria for entry level roles

  • Assess young people against their behaviour and skills rather than on previous experience.

  • Create a transparent recruitment process that supports young people at every stage

  • Offer feedback to all interviewed candidates

How can you get involved?

  1. How Future Proof is your business? Use our free Youth Employment Assessment Tool to find out how well your company inspires, hires and grows young people

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  3. Future Proof Places – see how we’re working with employers at a local level.