Create strong partnerships

By building strong lasting partnerships with schools, colleges and other organisations, businesses can begin to meet the unique needs of young people on that area, helping to build and shape their local future talent pipeline.

Young are better prepared for starting employment, having gained a greater insight into the skills, competencies and qualifications that employers are looking for. This means that employers have to invest fewer resources in helping them to acclimatise to a working environment. A long term partnership can create new staff development opportunities, aiding retention, increasing motivation and attracting new recruits.

Effective and mutually beneficial partnerships means repeated, in-depth engagement between employers and young people. This is critical as research shows that young people who undertake four or more employer engagement activities are five times less likely to become NEET. Employers who commit to long-term, needs led activity with young people can have a much more positive impact on young people than ad-hoc activity.

How businesses can benefit:

Businesses also hugely benefit from working closely with schools, colleges and other organisations as it enables them to create a skills pipeline for their future workforce and gives their own employees the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills including leadership and working with younger customers.

It also helps businesses to widen awareness of and create positive associations with their brand, develop innovation and think differently about their organisation and their products and services.

Key things to consider:


  • How can you gain buy in from staff at all levels of your organisation?

  • How can you embed a partnership into your day to day operations?

  • What makes a successful long term partnership?

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Are you doing this? 


Building strong partnerships: How Whitbread work collaboratively with partners to create quality employment opportunities for young unemployed people

February 1 2016

Whitbread is the UK’s largest hospitality company, with over 2500 sites in the UK. In order to create a diverse talent pipeline which attracts a high volume of young unemployed candidates, Premier Inn work in partnership with JobCentre Plus and People 1st, the sector skills council for hospitality, to run Sector Bases Work Academies to coincide with the opening of new hotels.

Social Action and Apprenticeships: British Gas’s Partnership with The Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards

April 5 2016

In order to help young employees to cultivate leadership skills and develop experience of social action outside of work, British Gas apprentices take part in The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE).

This partnership is currently in its tenth...