Jargon Free Jobs

Over the past year we’ve run, with the City & Guilds Group, 7 'mystery shopper' workshops across the UK to give young people the opportunity to assess the accessibility of companies’ recruitment processes for entry level jobs. We found that the young people who participated didn't understand many of the entry level job they were assessing because of jargon, technical language and a lack of clarity over day to day responsibilities. 

Understanding jargon is not a measure of a young person’s potential and it doesn't mean they are a better candidate for the job. Using jargon just disadvantages young people who do not have experience in an industry or access to people who do. It also negatively impacts young people’s confidence, by making them feel they “don’t deserve” a role or are “not good enough” to apply.

We want to change this.

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“We’re proud to be supporting the Jargon Free Jobs campaign. If we want to be ready for the future, we must all review and improve how we attract and nurture our future workforce. Designing simple, accessible and jargon-free recruitment communications that can successfully engage young people is an important step. Finding the right people and encouraging them by making our language clear and accessible, from the ways in which we advertise and describe the job opportunities, to the communications we use throughout the recruitment process, makes a real difference.”   

Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD