#MetricsMatter: Measuring the effectiveness of your youth recruitment

According to BITC’s snapshot survey, only 15% of employers regularly use data to measure the effectiveness of their youth recruitment. Without having access to the right data, it’s very difficult to spot barriers to young people in your recruitment processes and evaluate how effective your recruitment has been in the long term. Ultimately, this undermines your ability to take a strategic approach to talent planning and address barriers to young people from different backgrounds.

Over the past year, a working group of HR professionals from leading UK employers have discussed which metrics really matter to them when evaluating their youth recruitment, and the key steps employers can take to create an integrated measurement system to evaluate their youth recruitment. The group was chaired by Rebekah Wallis, Director of People and Corporate Responsibility at Ricoh UK. It also invovled participants from Barclays, Centrica, CIPD, The City & Guilds Group, Costain, PwC, and Unipart.

The group have shared their top tips for establishing an effective system and provided case stuides about their approach in our new Guide to Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Youth Recruitment:


Click here to read the Guide to Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Youth Recruitment


The group’s key recommendations are:


  • Look at the conversion rate of young people who have participated in your inspirational careers activities who then apply for your jobs to identify any stages of your recruitment process participants could be better prepared for during your inspirational activities 

  • Include questions about applicants’ socio-economic background during your recruitment and compare the data for successful and unsuccessful candidates to spot potential barriers to young people from different backgrounds

  • Review your cohort’s progress on a regular basis to identify any additional support they might need, and evaluate your cohort’s overall performance and retention data to determine the success of your recruitment

  • Create an integrated measurement system that allows you to track young people’s progression through all your activities to Inspire, Hire and Grow young employees



Members of the Working Group: