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Employer Workshop: Breaking down the barriers in recruitment

August 2 2017

Many young people from disadvantaged backgrounds face multiple barriers to employment. From having a disability to fulfilling caring responsibilities, the compound effect of these barriers mean that for these young people finding a job is even more difficult. To tackle this issue, we would like to invite you to a practical workshop, kindly hosted by DWF, focusing on how you can break down the barriers to recruitment for young people who face multiple barriers.

Apprenticeships, word-of-mouth recruitment and the "experience trap": How are employers’ views on youth employment changing?

July 13 2017

This month saw the release of the new hotly anticipated Employers Perspective Survey for 2016. Run by the government's Social Research Unit, the mammoth 218 page report is drawn from in depth interviews with over 18,000 employers across the UK, conducted between May and August 2016. This is a vital resource for anyone seeking to understand how the employment landscape for young people is changing. So what does the report tell us?

FREE WORKSHOP: How can you identify potential in young applicants?

July 5 2017

Too many employers are relying on standard requirements for previous experience to help sift applicants for entry level roles with little thought about how they could more accurately assess a candidate’s potential to do the job. To help tackle this issue, we would like to invite you to attend our workshop, kindly hosted by Yorkshire Water, focusing on how you can you identify a young candidate’s potential.