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What are #JargonFreeJobs and why do we need them?

June 6 2017

Here's what happened when we joined the Careers Enterprise Company for a 20 minute webinar with enterprise advisors working with schools across the country to talk about why companies need to make their job adverts jargon free.

How can you recruit young talent? FREE Event for Bristol’s Employers

May 3 2017

On 26 June, Business in the Community, supported by the City & Guilds Group, will bring employers together to explore the challenges and opportunities of recruiting young talent in the Bristol area. Find out how you can use our latest research reviewing recruitment processes to help you to build a strong employer brand among young people. On the day you’ll have the chance to network with other local employers and share best practice for attracting, recruiting and retaining future talent.

Looking beyond experience, how can you identify a young candidate’s potential?

May 3 2017

Back in 2015, Business in the Community and City & Guilds Group surveyed 4000 young people about their experiences of finding work. 57% said that companies asking for previous experience was a major barrier for them when they were applying for jobs. Too many employers are relying on standard requirements for previous experience to help sift applicants for entry level roles with little thought about how they could more accurately assess a candidate’s potential to do the job. On 21st June we'll be holding a free workshop for employers in Manchester, looking at how you can use the latest methods to identify a young candidate’s potential in your own business.