“It was about making content we already had on our site more visible…”

March 17 2017  —  by Amanda Ball, Director, AD Sprinklers

 Amanda Ball, Director, AD Sprinklers talks through how the feedback from the workshops helped communicate their company culture

Having our careers pages assessed by young people was incredibly helpful. There was lots we were already doing well but some areas we could improve. Immediately after we received our feedback we made some small but impactful changes.

Many of the changes were about making content we already had on our site more visible. For example, on our site we had lots of news stories about the team building and bonding sessions we do as a company. From playing cricket to surfing, these activities are really important in helping to foster our strong and inclusive company culture. It’s an important part of our identity so the first thing we did was to make sure a hyperlink to these stories was clearly visible on our job vacancies page so young people who are applying could easily see that this matters to us.

We have a lot of “A Week in the Life of…” blogs from our current employees that show what people in different jobs across our company get up to in a typical week. After receiving our feedback which said young people couldn’t find this content we made sure there was a hyperlink to this section of our website on the careers page. This is so applicants could see what the day-to-day responsibilities for each role is and also what other roles they could progress to within the company.

We also made sure that all the acronyms we used, particularly around the qualifications our engineers gain, were fully written out. This helped young people to better understand the entry level roles we were advertising and show that you didn’t need specialist knowledge to apply. We made this clear by simplifying our requirements to “we are looking for individuals with an outgoing attitude to life, it would be helpfulif you also had a few good GCSEs”.

Finally we explained the application process better by outlining all the stages and mentioning that we have a week’s trial to give candidates the opportunity to consider if the job is what they thought it would be and see if they fit in with the team. We also clarified that because we are a growing company we are always looking for new starters, so there is no deadlines for applications.

These changes have all helped us to better communicate to potential applicants how youth-friendly and accessible our company is. Without the feedback we couldn’t have made these changes.

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Amanda Ball