“Not everyone speaks like a lawyer…”

March 17 2017  —  by Eloise Sochanik, CSR Manager

Eloise Sochanik, CSR Manager, Horwich Farrelly on the changes they made to their recruitment processes

Taking part in the workshops run by Future Proof was invaluable for our company. Hearing the young people’s feedback really made us think hard about our own recruitment practices.  When we relaunched our recruitment website last year we included lots of case studies of current employees, asking them to share their first impressions of working at Horwich Farrelly and how the firm has supported their career to date. We were therefore really pleased to find that the young people who assessed our recruitment process found the website very engaging.

That said, we’re always looking at ways we can improve our offering, so the feedback around the use of jargon in job descriptions was very useful and will help to make our entry level roles more accessible to young people. In some cases we’d forgotten that not everyone speaks like a lawyer! Other barriers the young people identified were also surprisingly easy to change. For example the advice to move the “apply here” button further up our careers web page to make the process clearer –couldn’t have been easier to amend.

Since receiving the feedback we’ve set up a new working group across our HR, Recruitment, Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing teams to make further improvements to our website. The biggest of these new improvements will be introducing an entirely new recruitment system where applicants will be able to create their own online profiles when they apply for roles, which is due to launch this year.  In the meantime, we continue to educate all of our hiring managers on jargon-busting our job descriptions and making our jobs more accessible for young people across the North West.

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Eloise Sochanik