5 Reasons why we need #JargonFreeJobs...

March 17 2017

1. It puts young people off applying

“For applicants, it’s a bit of a hindrance. If you’re asked about it in an interview, and you don’t know the term, it just makes you look bad because they say you’re not prepared for the company or you’ve not done your research; it puts applicants off.” Pranav, 21

2. It makes the application process more stressful

"You’re going to be stressed enough if you’re doing a job application. And you don’t want to have to end up looking on the website or looking on the internet “what does this mean?” and then maybe getting that jargon wrong." Alex 24

3. You’re missing out on talent

"So many kids are coming up and leaving school that have all the skills that you need. Jargon alienates a whole bunch of people that could be really well suited to the role. It might be the most obvious thing in the world but because you haven’t had that experience of course you don’t know the term." Vicky, 24

4. It unfairly advantages some young people over others

“There might be people who do know what it is and don't have to spend that extra 25-30 minutes Googling what things are and they obviously have a step up on you because maybe they can go into an interview process and use them and be like "ooh I know what these words are" but they might not necessarily be better” Ben, 24

5. It’s a bad way to judge potential

“You’re in a job interview and you want that opportunity to show what you’re capable of doing – your attributes, your characteristics – and being judged just because you don’t know jargon doesn’t mean you’re not correct for the job” Pranav, 21

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