Gamification: How Costain attracts and inspires young people using Plotr

January 27 2016

Costain have an extensive programme of initiatives to inspire and recruit young people, ranging from careers education in primary and secondary school to specialist vocational routes for school leavers and targeted engagement to increase the number of young people recruited from a NEET background (not currently in full-time education, employment or training).

In order to engage with as many young people as possible, Costain have developed their own ‘careers world’ using the online careers education site Plotr. This is a highly interactive digital platform that enables young people to explore all the different types of careers available within Costain and the engineering sector.

In support of the careers world Costain has developed the ‘engineering your tomorrow’  app that takes advantage of ‘gamification’ technology that lets users try out simulations of a few typical engineering tasks to see whether they enjoy these types of challenges and whether their skills set might be suited to a career in engineering. The app is integrated with Plotr and all channels users from the game to the careers advice and other material on the Plotr site.

As well as allowing young people to find out more about the different career paths available, Costain also advertise their entry level and vocational opportunities through the app. This lets young people who have enjoyed using the site to take the next step towards starting their career by applying for available roles in real time.

Click here to read Plotr's user guide and find out more about creating your own Career World and employer profile.