How Compass Group use Kineo to provide a comprehensive induction to a large workforce

January 27 2016

Compass recruit a very large number of young employees each year into their hospitality, facilities and catering roles so they needed to find a solution that enabled them to offer a flexible, personalised induction to a very large audience of new starters.

To do this, they have started using City & Guilds’ Kineo e-learning platform, which allows them to offer an up-to-date, fully branded induction programme that young people can complete at their own pace, from a location that suits them.

Managers can also check progress and make sure that all mandatory training has been completed, as well as send reminders when modules haven’t been completed.

To make the learning more engaging, Kineo also provides an element of ‘gamification’ where employees can create their own character, as well as a variety of different content such as videos and simulations. This includes a video welcome message from Compass’ Managing Director.

Compass also give young employees access to their ‘My Social’ social media platform, which helps them to get to know one another, share their experiences during the induction and find out useful information about their role.


By using Kineo to deliver their induction programme through e-learning, Compass can now offer a personalised, trackable induction programme to over 17,000 new young employees each year.

This is linked to payroll records, so employees who do not complete mandatory training modules within the set timeframe won’t be paid, helping Compass to guarantee that all employees complete the essential training modules.