How EE equip their apprentices with the skills they need to progress into their next role

February 5 2016

EE want all their apprentices to develop the key skills needed to excel in their roles and be able to progress their careers in the company.

For retail apprentices, this begins with a comprehensive induction including all the essential training such as health and safety, working in store and what to expect in the role. All apprentices are introduced to their new store and regional managers as well as training provider contacts.

Customer service apprentices receive their own 15 day induction covering key skills as well as gradually introducing them to how to take calls. They also participate in a charity activity to encourage them to get to know other staff and introduce them to the principles of social responsibility.

Managers are given training on how to support young employees, including how to vary their management style appropriately and offer pastoral care.

Retail apprentices are also supported with their learning by ‘Connected Leads’ based with their training provider. This involves regular phone calls, face to face catch ups and group learning sessions. Their training provider also provides regular progress reports to the apprentices’ managers to make sure they are on track with their learning.

Apprentices are also put on the same course of training as Customer Advisors, but over a slightly longer period of time. EE have also introduced modules in customer service and digital skills for all apprentices to enable them to progress in many different areas of the business.

Apprentices are given personal development plans as well as guidance on career progression to help them to plan their own development.