How Slenky is ‘Future Proofing’ engagement of new audiences - with passion

November 15 2017  —  by Dami Fajobi, Head of Client Services, Slenky

Handheld technology has forced businesses of every description to take their first steps into the world and lifestyle of the Digital Native. Whilst ‘disruptive’ is the general theme, for businesses this means connecting with a generation of digitised young people, entering or preparing to enter a rapidly changing business world - a generation holding very different ideals and motivations to the ones that came before them.

As a result, businesses are being pushed to rethink both how they first engage and then build relationships with these new audiences, as well as how to unearth and add new, diverse talent to their workforce. This is just one of many challenges faced by businesses today that Slenky has taken into consideration - fostering relevant, authentic and credible communications that reward both businesses and 13 to 24 year old audiences.  Inline images 1

Positioned at the intersection between young people, businesses, and their aims and values, Slenky connects the two audiences by removing out-dated barriers to initial engagement e.g. job functions & qualifications, matching passions with opportunities (aka ‘Shots’) instead. This helps businesses to become increasingly Socially Accessible, as they communicate the passions and interests that make them relevant to the lifestyles and aspirations of their desired audience.

Today, young people expect fast access, fast connectivity and broad options. Businesses want similar but it’s fair to say that if your brand isn’t appearing on their handheld devices, you’re missing multiple, valuable opportunities to engage, daily.

It’s also dawning on many that whilst social platforms like Facebook and Twitter are great for connecting, communicating, and sharing information, ‘Likes’ in no way equate to meaningful engagement.In a screen-dominated world where everyone is vying for the attention of an evolving and still unknown audience, Slenky’s ‘passion-based’ search turns engagement on its head. Instead of looking for your audience they search for you - based on their personal passions, interests and values. Businesses have to show they’re relevant to those searches and on Slenky every business can easily become instantly and increasingly relevant to users.

The home of brands on Slenky are Hubs – social landing pages where businesses house Shots, key information and other touch-points, ranging from blogs and video content to links to website pages and social media accounts. Hubs provide an accessible and interactive way to present a business's brand and opportunities, but also allow content to be instantly shared with and distributed to other hubs (regional or educational) that have their own young audiences. Educational hubs (schools, colleges, universities) pull Shots from Slenky’s library to their own hubs, providing students with a live, up to date opportunities directory. 

Inline images 2 Regional hubs are digital ecosystems socialising Shots available to young people within a specific region or city. In Birmingham and West Midlands, the ecosystem is made up of organisations ranging from education, to large economic contributors such as HS2, Arcadis Group and business networks (Greater Birmingham and Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership). It also includes other key groups such as start-ups, youth organisations, local authorities and housing associations keen to engage local young people with local Shots. The ability to share and widely distribute Shots makes it easier for businesses of all sizes to expand their reach and organically engage with new audiences.

All this is a brief introduction to Slenky and the work being done to help businesses become Socially Accessible, by using social data to improve engagement with newly-emerging audiences. We’re excited to be working with BITC, collaborating with Connectors to start new conversations, build new relationships, and welcome more and more different types of businesses from across the country onto Slenky.

If your business has Shots you want to socialise, feel free to get in touch at or give us a call on 020 8434 0580 to find out how you can.



Dami Fajobi