Re-inventing the Assessment Centre: Ricoh’s youth friendly approach

January 27 2016

Ricoh UK decided to take action to tackle a skills gap which was beginning to appear within some of their key departments, developing their Future Talent Development Programme to attract more young people.

Ricoh felt it was unfair to expect young people to perform well in a job interview based on their CV, due to their limited work experience. Therefore, they developed an assessment day recruitment process which judges individuals on their attitude and aptitude rather than their previous employment history.

In order to put young people at ease and provide them with the kind of details that more experienced candidates would already know, the assessment begins with an overview of the business and details about how the role they are applying for fits in to the wider department.

Candidates are also introduced to existing apprentices who can tell them about what it’s like to work at Ricoh as a young person.

Recruiters then conduct five assessments linked to their core values. These include a group assessment to see which candidates display good teamwork and leadership skills, and functional and technical skills assessments which allow candidates to demonstrate how well they can adapt to real work tasks.

At the end of the sessions the assessors review their findings and provide a rounded opinion of each candidate in order for the recruiting manager to make the best decision for their team.


As result of the programme, Ricoh have experienced both lower recruitment costs and better retention rates of young employees, and the numbers of young people recruited into the business has increased significantly.