WATCH: Our Unipart Inspiring Young Talent Award Winner Amicus Horizon

July 13 2016

"I’m delighted to endorse our initiative. It accelerates a direct relationship between young residents and business opportunities creating real added value. It’s a fantastic example of the AmicusHorizon ethos of delivering brilliant service in response to community needs. We’re showing practical local leadership, aligning employer expertise and opportunities with the talents of young residents. Perhaps most importantly we’re creating a network of personal relationships between business mentors and young people. We’re setting a strong giving back business culture. We’re taking effective action to transform young lives in some of the South East’s most disadvantaged communities."
Paul Hackett, Chief Executive, AmicusHorizon

AmicusHorizon looks after some large social housing estates many in some of the poorest parts of London and South East. The Housing Association aims to unlock potential and inspire unemployed residents with two schemes.

The Contractor and Supplier Giving Back Scheme (CSGBS) encourages the company’s suppliers to make work opportunities available to disadvantaged young people.

The Motiv8 young persons’ development programme is a development and jobs support programme, which offers mentors and entry level training.

AmicusHorizon works with a number of suppliers and these companies often have job vacancies which would suit residents. The association recognised that there was little coordination in how these opportunities were presented and this meant residents often missed out. 

Young people in disadvantaged households face high levels of poverty and social exclusion. They often face barriers to training and have difficulty finding work because of a lack in their support networks, skills or experience.

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