A Week's Work Inspiration

July 14 2016  —  by Eliza Beecham, Work Experience Student

Hi, I am Eliza. I have joined the Talent & Skills team here at BITC for the week on work experience. It’s been a really inspiring, fun, and educational week and I thought I’d share some of the things that I got up to with you…


On Monday I woke up extremely early to experience navigating the underground all alone for the first time. Despite the odds, I managed to get myself to the O2 arena and met the first member of the Talent & Skills team for a quick briefing on the day and an explanation of what Business in the Community is. The rest of the day was a blur in which I ran around the arena handing out iPads, ushered hundreds of future leaders to a summit and assisted people with the use of AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) technology. It was amazing to watch the awards and see HRH talk (even if it was only from backstage whilst pushing a large box of iPads). After a hard and long day’s work I returned home at half 12 completely exhausted but also inspired.


After a long day yesterday, Tuesday was perhaps the hardest day of the week due to the huge task of getting out of bed however I also found that it was extremely educational. Through the sleepy haze I took part in a youth recruitment mystery shopper exercise which allowed me to give big companies feedback on their websites and application processes, especially in regard to their apprenticeship schemes. In the process of doing so I also found that I learned a lot about apprenticeships, something that would prove to be useful the next day.


On Wednesday I joined two members of the team and went to Barclays' head office in Canary Wharf to attend an apprenticeship workshop. I was given the opportunity to learn about all the work Barclays are doing and to meet some inspirational people while also admiring the amazing view from the 30th floor. We were shown first hand examples of the positive effects that apprenticeships can have on lives by apprentices telling us their amazing and moving stories, demonstrating the large impact that apprenticeships can actually have. I also learned about the vast advantages for companies of employing apprentices from people out of the bracket of 16-24 years old, for example ex-military or 50+.


Today started with a twitter takeover, the team put me completely in control of their twitter for the day, something completely new to me as I don’t even own an account! Next I took on the challenge of making an infographic, something that can now be found on the team’s Skillstories twitter.  We then had a post awards meeting, we sat and talked about exciting past and future projects whilst working out what the next steps are. We then went for an incredibly tasty (and huge) lunch together in a small place down the road.  My next task of the day was to write a blog… and here I am.

My thoughts on the week:

I think that work experience and inspiration is so important, especially after this week. Although many just see it as a chore and something that needs to be done it is actually really beneficial and helps open your mind to other opportunities that you weren’t previously exposed to. Before this week I dreaded the world of work, already looking forward to retirement. However, now I realise that there are fun and supportive workplaces and alternative careers for me than only those I thought existed. Thanks to this week and all the lovely people at BITC I now look forward to entering the world of work.

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Eliza Beecham

Hi, I am Eliza. I'm a 17 year old from Dorset and I have joined the talent and skills team here at BITC for the week on work experience. My favourite subjects at school are Art, History and English lit. I'm still working out what I want to do in the future.