Why do Dale Power Solutions offer a seven-year career development plan for their apprentices?

February 27 2017

With challenges such as the engineering skills shortage and a general decline of manufacturing in the UK, ten years ago, Dale Power Solutions realised they needed to act to protect the future of the business. Dale Power decided to focus their succession strategy on making Apprenticeships the backbone of the business. Today 44% of Dale Power’s 270 employees have an Apprenticeship and since launching their Apprenticeship programme in 2007, 36 apprentices have been recruited. The programme has also significantly improved age diversity in the business with 44% of employees now under 40 years old.

Creating attractive, long term career opportunities for young talent

The company also works with its training provider, Derwent Training, to customise the programme for each apprentice ensuring that they gain an understanding on different areas of the business. The Apprenticeship programme has become a sought after career opportunity in the region with up to 80 applications received annually from 14-28 year olds of increasing calibre.

One such high calibre candidate is Samantha Magowan who found her career in engineering through this route. A potential Cambridge University candidate, Samantha chose a hands-on approach through Dale Power with the same outcome – a degree in engineering. Samantha is currently undertaking an Apprenticeship with Dale Power and has a seven-year career development plan in place.

‘Dale Power Solutions offered me an incredible opportunity to gain experience of the workplace, which university couldn’t match. I love that I am using my maths and problem solving skills every day in a real working context. I even have the option of university after the Apprenticeship. I love the freedom I now have from Dale Power and that they are investing in me to help secure the future of the business.’ Samantha Magowan, Apprentice

It’s clear that Dale Power is delivering on its vision to maximise technical excellence and innovation through the development of its employees. It has created an Apprenticeship strategy that allows apprentices of all levels to build a bright future for the business. 

‘Apprentices bring us youth, diversity, fresh new ideas and learn the higher skills needed in today’s challenging and technologically advancing world. With Dale Power, apprentices can travel the world in various roles: become engineers, managers or directors.’ Tim Wilkins, Chief Executive

It’s for this long term approach and investment in training that Dale Power Solutions achieved a Princess Royal Training Award in 2016. Created to reflect the values of the City & Guilds Group, the Princess Royal Training Awards is a new honour for employers in the UK who have created outstanding training and development programmes resulting in exceptional commercial benefits.

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