Why should you take on an apprentice? Barclays, Capgemini and EE on what young people bring to their businesses

March 15 2016

"There is untapped talent out there"

Mike Thompson, Director of Early Careers at Barclays and Constance Angella Nafuna, Macro Sales COO explain why companies need to rethink how they recruit young people. See our toolkit on behaviour-based recruitment.


"They bring the fresh ideas"

Jorden Allcock, Software Engineer and Edwina Fosberry, Applications Consultant and Jorden's line manager at Capgemini talk about the benefits apprenticeships provide for both businesses and young people. See our guides to how the new apprenticeship system works. 


"They're the ones worth investing in"

Omar Sultan, Commercial Execution Executive and Alex Cornett, Head of Acquisition Trading, Omar's team leader  explain how apprenticeships work at EE and why they're worth investing in. See all our resources on how to hire an apprentice.