Make your recruitment transparent

How accessible are your recruitment processes to a young person hoping to take the first step in their career? If they are not open and transparent, they will be a barrier and deterrent to young applicants, and you could be missing out on recruiting the best young talent into your workforce.

Young people with little or no experience of recruitment processes are at a significant disadvantage to older, more experienced candidates who know what employers are looking for at each stage.

You can help to put young people on an even footing with more experienced candidates by providing clear guidance around what to expect during the process and what you’re looking for at each stage.

What young people have told us:

Nearly half of young people said that their confidence was knocked by a bad interview experience, and one in five also said that a bad interview experience has put them off the company they applied to. Don’t forget, young people are your customers too, so poor recruitment practices could be costing you money.

40% of young people find that having a clear job description is the most helpful thing during the recruitment process. Young people also find that being able to talk to friendly and helpful staff is very important.

Nearly one in three young people does not receive feedback from an interview, and less than half of those who do receive it feel that it is helpful. Just by making sure you are providing constructive feedback, you will be improving young people’s experience of the interview process considerably.

Key things to consider:

  • Are you providing clear and specific job descriptions without any jargon for all your roles?

  • Do you provide clear information about what each of the stages in your recruitment process involve?

  • Do your recruitment processes put young candidates at ease?

  • What feedback are you providing?

Are you doing this? 


How to guide: Transparent recruitment processes

This step-by-step guide helps you to make your recruitment processes as transparent as possible for young people.


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