Offer careers exploration activities

Our 2015 Youth Survey revealed that young people are very career focused – just under 90% have some idea about what kind of career they are interested in, with almost a third knowing exactly what they want to do.

However, there are such a wide range of jobs available - many of which young people will never even heard of - that employers can play a vital role in helping young people explore what kinds of careers and entry routes are available at their company and in their sector, and what kind of skills young people can develop both at school and beyond to help them prepare to begin a career in this area.

There are many different opportunities for you to explain the kind of work your company does and the kinds of role available. This could be through attending careers fairs and giving careers talks in schools, as well as creating exciting and informative careers webpages and microsites linking to your early careers opportunities.

Key things to consider:

  • How would you explain what your company does to a young person who is not familiar with your sector, without using jargon and technical language?
  • What different kinds of roles are available at your company, and what kind of pathways can young people take to start a career in this area?
  • What opportunities do you have to engage with local schools and colleges, and other organisations that offer careers support?
  • What kind of information is available on your website for a young person who wants to find out more about jobs in your sector?

We are currently developing a new How to Guide for employers on ways and opportunities to explain your careers opportunities to young people. Check back soon for more updates.

Are you doing this? 


Group activities in schools - checklist

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Careers Lab addresses the skills gap issue by linking schools with business partners in order to make a  real difference to careers education in schools.

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