Progress young talent

Supporting your young employees’ development and wellbeing is the best way to ensure your future workforce is well-equipped with exactly the kinds of skills, experience and resilience that will allow your organisation to adapt, grow and prosper.

Young people can be very ambitious and opportunities for professional development are very important to them. However, many young people feel that their careers are not progressing in line with the new skills and experiences they are gaining in the first five years of their career.  

By having a clear plan for developing, progressing and retaining your young talent, your organisation will benefit from a well-developed skills base and save significantly on recruitment in the long term.

What young people have told us:

Nearly 40% of young people feel that having opportunities to develop and further their career is the one of the most important things they look for in a job, and having a clear training schedule is very important too.

Nearly 85% of young people feel that they are either appropriately qualified or over qualified for their role, but by the age of 24, nearly 30% of young people start to feel like they are over-qualified for their role. This means that employers could be missing out on harnessing young employees’ full potential as they develop their experience.

Key things to consider:

  • What new and replacement skills will your workforce require over the next few years?

  • Do you have a strategy for developing and retaining your young talent to meet these requirements?

  • What on-going support do your young employees receive to ensure they will be able to progress into more senior roles in your organisation?

  • How are you supporting young employees to develop other personal skills to benefit their wellbeing, such as financial management and coping with stress?

Are you doing this? 


How to guide: Progressing and retaining young talent

This step-by-step guide will help you to progress and retain young talent. 

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