Updates from Future Proof

Why do Dale Power Solutions offer a seven-year career development plan for their apprentices?

February 27 2017

With challenges such as the engineering skills shortage and a general decline of manufacturing in the UK, ten years ago, Dale Power Solutions realised they needed to act to protect the future of the business. Dale Power decided...

Why a ‘Big Conversation’ can help tackle youth unemployment in Greater Manchester

January 26 2017

Over one hundred businesses, employees and young people met at an inspiring event held at People’s History Museum on 24th January.

The Big Conversation event gave young people the unique opportunity to meet employers in an informal environment with both


Inspiring tomorrow’s engineers: Tideway's mission to attract and prepare young talent for the sector

December 13 2016

 There is a significant shortfall in engineering skills. Professor John Perkins’ 2013 review of engineering skills currently estimates a shortfall of an astonishing 100,000 new professionals each year.

The review focuses on our three main challenges as a...

Investing in the human infrastructure: Apprenticeships in the Engineering and Construction Sector

December 8 2016

The benefits of the UK becoming a thriving environment for apprenticeships are nowhere more evident than in the construction and engineering sector.

For the country at large, a steady influx of talented engineers who combine technical know-how with on-the-job...

“Two steps forward and one step back”: it’s a case of some sense, but too much instability in the skills sector

November 29 2016

Back in October 2014, we launched our report, ‘Sense & Instability: three decades of skills and employment policy’. At the time, the UK economy was strengthening, and youth unemployment had not long recovered from its...

Young Volunteers are work-ready, dedicated and responsible

November 21 2016

As an Engagement Coordinator at V•Inspired, the UK's leading volunteering charity for 14 - 25 year olds, I am responsible for helping young people find volunteering opportunities that are right for them. I also help them in how to...

Empowering young people to unlock employment opportunities

October 25 2016

Young people need to be given time to explore, discover and engage with the huge range of future paths available to them before they leave education and crucially offered appropriate and timely help to secure those future options.


Future Proof Assembly: Greater Manchester

October 19 2016

 On 13th October at Manchester's Museum of Science and Industry, we brought together over 70 major employers and stakeholders from across Greater Manchester to explore the challenges and opportunties of employing young people in the region. Our Future Proof Assembly is...