Updates from Future Proof

WATCH: Our Unipart Inspiring Young Talent Award Winner Amicus Horizon

July 13 2016

"I’m delighted to endorse our initiative. It accelerates a direct relationship between young residents and business opportunities creating real added value. It’s a fantastic example of the AmicusHorizon ethos of delivering brilliant service in response to community needs. We’re...

WATCH: Our Unipart Inspiring Young Talent Award Winner Sky

July 13 2016

“In the UK and Ireland, we’ve chosen to focus on supporting young people. We think it’s time for business to step up and work alongside schools and colleges to help prepare young people for a successful future. Given the...

Future of work – bleak or bright?

June 29 2016

Britain is often warned about threats affecting the future of the workforce. The rise of the robots. Globalisation. Immigration. Artificial intelligence. The rise of the ‘Uber economy’. But will this speculation ever become reality? And is the British workforce naïve...

BREXIT: Update on the Apprenticeship Levy

June 28 2016

At a conference hosted by the Association of Employment and Learning Providers, Nick Boles MP, Minister of State for Skills confirmed that the Apprenticeship Levy will go ahead, following a similar timetable as before. The announcement on funding...

Unintended Implications: CIPD’s Head of Policy Ben Willmott on CIPD’s latest research on employer attitudes to the Apprenticeship Levy

June 22 2016

The creation of more and better quality apprenticeships can play a role in boosting the UK’s flat-lining productivity growth. They can help employers address recruitment difficulties and skills shortages that...

Why do employers still prefer degrees over apprenticeships? Grace Mehanna talks to Share Radio UK

June 21 2016

 Listen to our Campaign Director Grace Mehanna talk about Future Proof, apprenticeships and recruiting young people on Share Radio UK.

 See our free apprenticeship toolkit for employers


‘Make your Mark’ : How Marks & Spencer are supporting young people into work

May 19 2016

In 2004, three years before they launched Plan A, Marks & Spencer asked their customers which disadvantaged groups of society they wanted them to support into work. They highlighted single parents along with disabled, homeless and young people. Inspired by...

Our 7 key insights from the government’s apprenticeships survey of employers

May 16 2016

Last week the government released an evaluation of apprenticeships following a survey of 4,000 employers in 2014. Here’s our key insights from the release:

  1. The majority of apprentices followed one of only three types of framework. These were Business

  2. ...