Updates from Future Proof

8 simple rules for youth recruitment...

March 29 2016

Last month CIPD hosted their annual Recruitment Conference and Workshop; featuring presentations from Swedish Video Game creator King, insurance firm AXA Insurance, music technology firm Shazam, new bank Virgin Money, hospitality firm Stonegate Pubs and restaurant chain...

Key Findings: Our Youth Survey

March 29 2016

To launch the Future Proof Campaign we surveyed over 4,000 young people aged 18 to 24 about their experiences of employment in the UK. Here are the key findings.

Using data to create ‘Future Proof’ Apprenticeships

March 18 2016

Apprenticeships may sometimes feel like the latest political buzzword, but these earn-and-learn programmes have been solving skills problems for centuries. Combining earning and learning was developed in the middle-ages, where young people would be employed as an apprentice for between...

Why should you take on an apprentice? Barclays, Capgemini and EE on what young people bring to their businesses

March 15 2016

"There is untapped talent out there"

Mike Thompson, Director of Early Careers at Barclays and Constance Angella Nafuna, Macro Sales COO explain why companies need to rethink how they recruit young people. See our toolkit on behaviour-based recruitment.


Inspire to Hire? Reconnecting careers outreach and recruitment

March 9 2016

At Business in the Community, through our education programmes Business Class and Careers Lab, we work with many businesses who provide holistic support to schools across the UK. From running personal development sessions for school staff to mentoring...

"We need to ask the right questions": Katerina Rüdiger, Chief Community Officer, CIPD on youth recruitment

March 7 2016

After CIPD’s Recruitment Conference earlier this month; Katerina Rüdiger, Chief Community Officer, CIPD, explains the challenges and opportunities for HR Professionals in youth recruitment.

What do you think are the main challenges facing HR professionals...

Apprenticeships in Scotland: How Whitbread is developing a Modern Apprenticeship Programme

March 1 2016

Whitbread is the UK’s largest hospitality company, with over 2500 sites in the UK. Premier Inn, one of their key brands, has developed a new Modern Apprenticeship Framework to deliver a pilot new apprenticeship programme at their sites across...

Diversifying Recruitment: How livin Housing uses multiple channels to attract young applicants

February 26 2016

livin Housing’s livin Futures programme provides 18 different pathways to support young people  into local employment, including a number of entry level and vocational routes into work at livin Housing itself.

livin Housing use multiple channels to reach...

Apprenticeships that work: How to make apprenticeships an attractive proposition

February 18 2016

Watch Mike Thompson, Head of Early Careers at Barclays, Sue Husband, Director of the Skills Funding Agency and Jonny Bevan, New Talent Manager at EE; talk about how to make Apprenticeships work for your company and young people at ...