Run youth-friendly inductions

The support you provide to a young employee when they first start work will determine how well prepared they are to undertake their role and how well they understand what is expected of them. Things that might seem obvious to more experienced employees may be new to young people, so it is important not to take any small details for granted.

Like all employees, young people also learn at different speeds, meaning that flexibility and personalisation during the induction process is important. It is also important for line managers to consider what additional support young employees might need compared to more experienced employees. Building a trusting relationship that offers structure and consistency as well as pastoral care is key to supporting young employees.

What young people have told us:

  • Nearly half of young people attribute having a positive experience of starting a new job to having a clear induction and nearly 40% to having a clear outline of their roles and responsibilities.

  • Being given a clear outline of the business and an initial training schedule are also important factors.

Key things to consider:

  • How clearly does your induction explain key tasks that young employees will do on a day to day basis?

  • How do you help young starters to feel like part of the organisation?

  • How are you tailoring your induction for a diverse audience with different learning styles?

  • How do you ensure that line managers are supporting young people fully and consistently?

Are you doing this? 


How to guide: Youth-friendly induction

This guide tells you all the key steps you need to take to give young employees a comprehensive induction.

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